5 Common PPC Mistakes That Contractors Should Avoid

Home contractors use the PPC technique to appeal to their target audience. They prefer using this marketing idea to gain more traffic to their websites and generate huge conversions for their services.

But wait! Not every home contractor featuring their businesses with PPC is lucky enough to enjoy the advantages. The reason behind this is very simple. The either use wrong PPC strategies or make silly mistakes while being excited about their businesses.

PPC marketing for home contractors is not that easy. You have to be smart enough while conducting your PPC marketing process.

Here’s what the common mistakes are that you must avoid.

5 Common PPC mistakes contractors should avoid

1. Not using Ad extensions:

  • You must be considering Ad extensions are optional. So true! But if you are serious about gaining impressive results from the PPC campaign, you must pay attention to introducing ad extensions in your ad copy.
     Ad extensions are usually used in the primary ad copy. They work as snippets for Google and Bing ads, allowing the users to understand what the ad is all about. The extensions give brief yet relevant information to the readers about the ad, helping them out with their decision at first glance.

    Overlooking the ad extensions is indeed a big mistake. After all, the inclusion of these extensions results in higher visibility, good business outreach, more contacts, click through rates enhancement, providing value to the ad.
     Make sure the ad extensions you use should include phone numbers, callouts, location, website, and landing page to generate and exciting leads. 
  • 2. Using the wrong keywords:PPC ads require a relevant, impressive, unique, and engaging ad copy that has the potential to convert visitors into potential customers. Well, this can only be possible when you are using the right keywords.

    Often we find people making silly mistakes while creating ad copies. They choose the wrong keywords and thereby target the wrong audience. Make sure this time you don’t repeat your mistake again.

    List down the primary and secondary keywords and use them in your ad copies to drive more audience to your services. Try to use long-tail keywords instead of using short ones. They are more powerful and are effective enough to draw the attention of a huge audience. This will make your ad visible to the relevant searches made on search engines. 

  • Ignoring the negative keywords: Keywords are of two types – positive and negative. You usually deal with the positive keywords so as to reach out to the right customers who are likely to hire the services. This is where you go wrong.

    Negative keywords make your ad visible to a wide audience who are looking for something around your key services. The keywords act as a filter. Simply by using these key phrases or words, you can filter out the audience you don’t want to be associated with your services.

    For example, if you are targeting the customers who are likely to build or remodel their home, and your ads appear to someone who is looking for “DIY for kitchen remodeling”, they will certainly be disappointed.

    So use these negative keywords to separate the audience who are not searching for your services.

  • Combining search and display ads in the same campaign: PPC campaign can be of multiple categories. And the two most popular ones search ad campaign and display ad campaign. Both of these ad campaigns are used to serve different purposes.
     Search ad campaigns are for potential customers who are looking for contracting services. Whereas, display ad campaigns are for the audience who may or may be interested to hire your services at the moment.

    As a result, you can’t expect huge click-through rates and conversions from your display ad campaigns compared to the same from the search ad campaigns.

    Therefore, if you want to run both campaigns, that doesn’t mean you should combine them together in one ad. This is neither good practice nor is effective for obtaining good results.  

  • Not having a relevant landing page: Every PPC ad must contain a relevant landing page link to drive the visitors directly to the site and excite them to make some actions. Many times, the ads are run without any landing page. Even if the link is added, the visitors are led to a broken link or an error page. This is absolutely not done.

    When you are welcoming your potential customers to hire your services, you should make sure the page where they land is relevant to your brand services. After all, this helps the visitors to make the right decision about their purchases.
     Create and optimize your landing pages so that no visitor steps out of it without performing any action. Action in the sense, it can be a registration page, contact details page, service page, etc. Make use of some powerful and effective CTAs like Call us now, Book an appointment now, Register now, Get a quote, and so on.


PPC is a great digital marketing technique that helps in generating qualified leads, build more conversions, improve the search engine rankings, and make the site more visible to the target audience. In short, it is the quickest and easiest method to grab the attention of the audience.

Are you planning to run a PPC campaign for your contracting business?

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